Prayer for Spiritual Warfare…

Father Thank You, You are good, Your mercy, loving-kindness endures forever, giving Your angels charge over me to keep me in all my ways.

Dad, I bind, expose Satan, his demons, principalities, strongholds, world rulers, all evil forces (all their tools, weapons, plans) formed against America - Israel, me, our free united people, our children, Your precepts - ways, our constitution, laws, way of life; I repel this evil from earth beyond the lower heavens.  I place Your peace over Jerusalem - America.  I pray for all in authority - leadership throughout America - Israel (including the Globalist world leaders) that You redirect - guide them in Your precepts - ways or remove them for Your people.

All electronic voting machines are banned from America, Israel, the world! All evil; people, weapons, AB5, covid vaccines (monitors) are repelled from me, our people, my country, the world! By the stripes of Jesus I am healed. All pestilence, toxins, infections, bugs, insects, rodents, bioweapons, demons, death are repelled from me, my life, body, homes, work, cars.

Dad, I receive Your maximum knowledge, protection, security, success, prosperity, health, well-being, HOPE. Thank You Father for fulfilling my prayers, taking care of - protecting me. Thank You Father, in the name of Jesus the Lord of Hosts! It is written! I believe I receive! For You are good: Your mercy, loving-kindness endures forever! Amen!
Spiritual Warefare Prayeer image